Laptops to program in 2019

If you are looking for a laptop this 2019 to programthat ensures comfortable working hours and with a team that meets everything you need, this collection is for you.

I have chosen the following list of portable equipment based on my professional experience and the results of the different equipment that I have been acquiring over the years.

Among the criteria that I follow to choose a team to program, I always opt for:

  • anti-reflective screen.
  • SSD hard drive.
  • Processor of a certain power, starting on a i3 As minimum.


  • Portable to program for less than €400

Portable to program for less than €400

We start with the “low cost” option for those who want to invest a lot of money in their programming equipment, a Dell equipment that offers us more than interesting features for less than €400: anti-reflective screen

This laptop is from the Vostro range, a range aimed at professionals and companies. For me, it is a cheap laptop to program, perfect for those who want to spend little and get an expandable computer that offers good performance.

Regarding its equipment, this laptop from the renowned Dell is equipped with a sixth-generation i3 processor, 4GB of expandable RAM and a 500GB hard drive. With these characteristics, we have a team designed

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