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Although when learning a programming language, depending on our background, many times we want to learn on the go and as quickly as possible, the truth is that all programmers know how good it is to start with a good book.

For this reason, in this article I am going to recommend something essential for anyone who is new to JavaScript: quality books in their native language.

The books on JS that you will find below are books mostly in Spanish and they are books that each one stands out in an objective.


  • Book Learn to develop with Javascript – 2nd edition
  • JavaScript. The Ultimate Guide
  • Practical book to learn JavaScript with 100 exercises
  • Do you want to recommend any book on JS?

Book Learn to develop with Javascript – 2nd edition

Learning to develop JavaScript in its 2nd edition, is a book aimed at readers who want learn and master this block of web development. Although it is directed at JS learning You should know that this book assumes that the reader has only basic knowledge of programming.

As you progress in your reading you will learn each of the parts that make up JavaScript. In addition, all the chapters include a multitude of commented and explained examples step by step, to help you internalize what has been explained.

It should also be noted that this book deals with and explains in various chapters how the JavaScript language integrates with the different technologies and languages ​​of web development: HTML, CSS, server-side languages ​​like PHP, or tools like AJAX. Related to this, the book will allow you to take your first steps in these languages ​​if you don’t already know them.

Lastly, in this second edition of the book they have included chapters on the latest frameworks and technologies related to JavaScript. Some of them are as important in the development landscape as the AngularJS framework, the Node.js javascript application server or the latest EcmScript 6 news.

In summary this book is fantastic if:

  • you seek learn javascript and programming and if you only have a few programming knowledge.
  • if you want a book on javascript that teaches you the language in depth.
  • If you are interested in learning everything related to the latest trends and technologies for JavaScript, such as AngularJS or Node.js
  • If you are one of those who still always depends on libraries like jQuery and you want to achieve more efficient developments with JS.

This is a JavaScript book in Spanish.

JavaScript. The Ultimate Guide

This is a book to learn javascript of arms to take Just by reading the title of this book (and seeing its cover, ahem) we can assume what it is intended to be: to be A reference book for every developer.

You will ask yourself, does he manage to be the javascript reference book? Well yes, since once read I assure you that it becomes a reference manual to always have close by, a work where you can consult the best strategies and ways of programming in JavaScript for each situation/problem and program quality code.

We can say then, that this book is intended for the entire range of users who want to learn this fantastic language, since with its 1168 pages we are before him Lord of the Rings JavaScript books.

Among its chapters you will find language techniques and utilities for each possibility offered by this frontend language. In addition, you will find in its entirety a complete reference of the language and its commands, analyzing in depth concepts such as APIs, DOM API level 2 and standard as the XMLHttpRequest object.

You can find this book in Spanish and English versions, the first being much more expensive than the second, so it will depend on your command of English that you can save a good amount of money. Below I leave both links so you can choose quickly.

Practical book to learn JavaScript with 100 exercises

If you are one of those who like to learn things based on practical examples and less theory this is your book to learn JS. Because? Well, because it contains nothing more and nothing less than 100 exercises that guide you through the entire process.

The intention of the author is that you finish an exercise to move on to the next one. Start with very simple exercises to introduce you to the syntax and basic understanding of the language and progress to exercises of gradual difficulty.

It must be said about this book that it is not directly focused on learning Pure JavaScript, but it tries to explain the language and its uses, and in many occasions it uses the jQuery library and its plugins to teach you practical and faster applications. Something totally valid to use JavaScript quickly and easily, but less efficient or not usable depending on which projects.

In addition, it is recommended that if you decide to learn with this book, you have previous knowledge of HTML and CSS, since it gives us an introduction to them, despite the fact that they are markup languages ​​and their complexity is less (at least to use them).

In short, this book is for:

  • Learn JavaScript with exercises and exampleswith the right theory and going straight to the point.
  • Not learning pure JavaScript but rather how it works and performing all the tasks that may be needed in the most direct way. With for example the famous jQuery library.
  • If you already have knowledge of CSS and HTML and want to see how these languages ​​work together in web development.

This, like the previous books, is in Spanish.

Do you want to recommend any book on JS?

If you think you know of a better book, or want to contribute something to the article, I would love for you to leave a comment below, this way you will help all other readers to choose best book to learn javascript.

Thank you!

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