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  • What text editor do I use for the web?
  • Why SublimeText?
  • Features of Sublime Text to highlight

What text editor do I use for the web?

Developing many times can become tedious, boring or unbearable if we do not have the necessary tools, if we do not know them or if we misuse them. The first step is to install the web server, and the second, at least as far as configuring a work environment is concerned, will be the topic that I will deal with next: choosing and knowing an IDE (source code editor).

If we search the internet for IDE’s, in Christian source code editors, we will find that to develop our web applications we have many options. Before trying and testing I am going to recommend one in particular, Sublime Text.

Why SublimeText?

Well, because it seems to me that it is complete, simple software, and that it works great both for beginners and for advanced use, both for front-end and back-end developers. In short, a marvel, with a careful interface, without frills but that works wonderfully, very complete customization possibilities, be it code coloring or the general theme of the program. Furthermore, extending its functionality is as easy as installing extensions and can be done from within the program with a tool called Package control.

Features of Sublime Text to highlight

Among the features that I think are noteworthy, and at first glance very useful are:

  1. Sidebar with a thumbnail view of our script. It’s a joy and we can move through pages of many lines just by clicking on the approximate portion of the thumbnail (personally reminds me of minimaps in strategy games).
  2. Text autocompletion when writing code. For example, when programming in php, if we accept the autocompletion with Tabulator, it is capable of showing an outline of the command that we want to use, reminding us of the structure, for example, of a loop or other commands.
  3. Autocompletion of text when typing. I wanted to separate this autocompletion because it is something different from what we find in other IDEs. What it does is try to predict a word by its previous inclusion in the same file. In this way, it is able to help us with the name of variables, functions or other words that we have repeated several times.
  4. Name the folder for the files. Well, when reading this, it still comes to mind that it is nonsense, but when we work in MVC, or simply for any other reason, we have the identical file name in different folders, which in the tabs indicates which folder it comes from when opening the two, three, whatever files they are, is a full-fledged help from the nose.

Other Sublime Text functionalities, some of them through downloading extensions and more advanced use would be:

  1. Abbreviations/Shortcuts to create html tags with the Emmet package.
  2. Checking css compatibility with browsers with CanIUse package.
  3. Perfectly align the different “tabs” of code with the Alignment package.
  4. Color picker with the ColorPicker package.

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